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Well what do you do now that you’ve got your print or original art work in front of you?


Framing and hanging are the final steps in the journey of the piece that started with me and finishes with you. Personal taste of course plays a huge part in how you’d like your painting to look in your home but if you’re having issues here are some things to think about to put you on the right track.

  1. Consider the space

    Where do you want hang the piece and how much space will it have around it? If you have a large space you could consider a larger mount and larger frame perhaps. A wide mount will give a contemporary feel, which works well in a modern home and also draws your eye in.

  2. What colour?

    Frames come in all shapes, sizes and colours these days. If you’re going to go to a professional framer then you will also be able to choose from a selection of colours for your mount too. Don’t worry though the framer will be able to advise you. Sometimes I’ll get a thin blue edge in a mount to highlight a shade of blue from a painting and then stick to a white frame or a simple fine grey or black frame can be very elegant with a plain white mount. Whatever you are considering don’t forget to factor in the colour of the wall behind.

  3. How to hang

    I’ve seen lots of cool ideas in magazines of hanging pictures with ropes, ribbons and whatever else you can find. I have never tried any of these in my own home. Mainly due to the fact that ever since I had a baby I’m a bit more wary about safety around the place and therefore stick to good old fashioned screws! I do however love skinny shelves as you can move pictures around and it gives you lots of variety. Sometimes less is more and you do not want to detract from the actual art work itself.


If you want to buy a quick readymade frame here are some measurements to help you pick the right one. If your piece came in a mount you can buy a frame to fit the mount size and discard the one that comes with your frame. Alternatively you can buy a frame to fit the picture and you can use the new mount. If you chose to remove your painting or print from the mount I have provided do so VERY CAREFULLY. Remove the tape from the board not the work.


My prints come in a variety of sizes

Square Prints--


1. 6x6 inch prints come in 10x10 inch mounts so buying a 10 x10 frame will mean you can use the mount I have provided and there is no need to remove your print from the mount which can be tricky. Many high street shop and online stores sell this size.

2.10x10 inch prints do not come with a mount but have an additional white border that measures 1 inch approx. This size is widely available but this print will fit into Ikeas Sannahed 35x35cm frame with a mount that measures 25 x25cm.


3.12 x12 inch do not come with a mount but have an additional surrounding border of 1 inch This print fits in an Ikea Ribba frame that measures 50x50cm with a mount that measures 30 x30cm


4.16x16 inch do not come with a mount but have an additional border of 1 inch. This print fits in a Dunelm Essentials frame that measure 20 x 20 inches (50 x50cm) with a mount that measures 16 x16 inches (40 x40cm) 


Rectanglular Prints-


1. 7x5 inch prints come in a 8x 10 inch mount a very common size for prints and photographs so frames are easily found. It's best to buy one to fit the mount so you do not have to remove the print from the one provided.


2. 8 x10 inch, these prints have a border that measures 11 x14 inches.  If you buy a frame for 11x14 you can use the mount that comes with the frame or go without as the border itself can be just as good. It's a common size, some of the places I've seen frames this size are Oliver Bonas, Amazon, Best 4 Frames and Frame Company.


3.12 x16 inch. Ikea has several frames including Ribba/Lomviken/Knoppang measuring 40x50 cm with a mount size 30 x 40cm that work well


4.16x 20 inch Again Ikea has several suitable frames as does The Range. You need the 50 x 70cm frame with a mount measuring 40 x50cm

*Please note all sizes are approximate and this guide is just to give you a few ideas. Please measure and convert sizes carefully before buying and remember that when it comes to frames you generally get what you pay for and sometimes its worth going to a professional. Framing is not just to enhance your painting or print it is to help protect it from dust, moisture and sunlight so that it can be vibrant for many years.

I’d really love you see what you’ve chosen and how you have styled your piece in its new home. Please send me a pic to my email or tag me on Facebook or Instagram

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