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Welcome to the studio
New Work

The Mini Collection

Small windows into a restful place, transporting the viewer perhaps to a fond memory or imaginary land where we can catch a fleeting glimmer of calm, of stillness to restore the soul. If even only for that seconds glance the spirit is lifted and peace can fill the heart. 

Click below to view this collection and other original paintings

my work


Explore my wide variety of prints based on memories of home and landscapes of my travels throughout the beautiful Irish countryside 


Have a look at my card range including landscape cards for all occasions and greetings and birthday cards

About Me


   I’m a watercolour artist from Belfast Northern Ireland where I live with my husband, daughter and very snuggly cat. 

I love painting memories, little moments of a time and place. Emotions and feelings, weather and light all expressed in delicate watercolour. Much of my inspiration is taken from the landscape of home and memories of travels throughout the captivating countryside of Ireland.

   At the moment I’m excited by merging traditional watercolour techniques with my more contemporary style of mark making combined with hand and machine stitched embroidery techniques that creates an interesting juxtaposition. I love the challenge of creating a balance out of the contrast and sense of peace and tranquillity. My aim is producing work that the viewer can identify with, that can stir a calming emotion bringing a restfulness and quietude.

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